New Pieces to the Puzzle of Chronic Pain

May 10, 2016 9:47 am

It is commonly accepted that most pain comes from physical, chemical and / or stress related problems. New research and technology have allowed us to enhance our understanding of pain and how to treat it.

One of these new thinking’s is Chiropractic Neurology, an emerging science that was pioneered by Dr. Ted Carrick DC, PhD. Dr. Carrick is a Canadian born chiropractor originally from Toronto. He is the doctor who helped Sidney Crosby, the NHL player, with his concussions. This was featured in the MacLean’s magazine article on November 14, 2011; “Rebuilding Sidney Crosby’s Brain.

Chiropractic Neurology focuses on how to optimize the brain and nerves as they control the body. It assesses each individual’s unique pattern of change in the function of their nervous system. It relies on Neuroplasticity – the growing body of evidence that nerves are “re-trainable.” Chiropractic Neurology then uses specific treatments like joint adjustments, muscle therapies, physical exercise, balance and coordination activities, eye exercises, sensory stimulation, cognitive training and nutritional recommendations.

What happens in many cases of back and neck pain is that a lack of proper motion between the vertebrae or pelvis, combined with changes in muscle tone, circulation and nerve function causes inflammation. Initially inflammation is painful, but a necessary part of healing. Often these cases resolve easily. However, over time chronic inflammation affects the body in several ways. These chemicals pass the blood-brain barrier and put the nervous system into a state of low grade constant high alert. Inflammation also makes our cells become hypersensitive which changes many normal metabolic functions. Chronic inflammation can even affect our mental and emotional states.

So what do we do?

First, get an accurate assessment of the problem. Include appropriate medical testing as well as a functional neurology and metabolic assessment.

Second, using the principles of Chiropractic Neurology and Metabolic care, design strategies to:

  1. Reduce Inflammation
  2. Restore Normal Motion
  3. Re-Boot and Re-Train the Brain
  4. Provide the Appropriate Nutrients for the Body to Build With
  5. Utilize the Best Technologies and Machines to Help the Body Heal Itself

This type of treatment approach offers a framework from which each individuals needs can be customized.

The time frames required for healing varies, depending on each person’s health status. It is helpful to remember that most of the body does regenerate itself. A muscle cell for instance lives approximately three months. This means that when we begin treatment, the old cells must turn over and the better trained new cells eventually take over and improve these patters.

Another factor in healing is our mind set; for example:

  1. Get a thorough understanding of the problem. Knowledge is power.
  2. Spend time doing simple mind-body connecting activates like just being outside, or light exercises like walking or yoga.
  3. Many simple things will help restore our circulation rhythms. Try getting to sleep and waking up at consistent times, darken your bedroom or wear an eye mask and get regular daylight exposure.
  4. Meditation techniques have been shown to be helpful.

In order to tangle the vicious cycle of chronic pain, our physical body, body chemistry and our mindset are often the big bicture to a chronic problem.


Dr. Sterling Armata BSc, DC

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Written by Sterling Chiropractic & Wellness

Online Booking & More!

December 11, 2015 12:40 pm

We have some new and exciting features to offer our patients! We have migrated to a new patient system here in the office, which has been a bit of a curve for us but will over all make your experience better and we are now able to offer you new things to assist in online booking and information. Some of the key features are:

  • Personal profile linked with your patient profile in our system, means you can update or change information to make sure we are up to date for your convenience. Simply create your own unique username and password and log on like you would any other website.
  • Book your appointments online! Once you create a personal profile with us, you can see when there are availability in the schedule and book your appointments online.
  • Lost your receipt? Don’t worry, you can sign on to your profile and see all of your past appointments, future appointments and print of receipts you may have lost or just in case the dog at it.
  • Other treatments offered are displayed online. Not everything is bookable there as some things require special attention, but you can always see what’s available, the cost and call us to request other treatments offered within the clinic!
  • In the future we will be offering online payment as well. You will be able to book an appointment, pay online and just come in and get your treatment seamlessly. You can also come in for an appointment, if you forget your wallet at home (which some of us do! *guilty*), you can access your account from online later on and settle up online from the comfort of your couch. We are hoping that this will start to get implemented early on in the new year!

If you haven’t received your personalized email yet to sign in and create your own online portal, click the link below to get started! Or if you have any questions, give us a call and we will happily answer any questions you may have about all of these new things. As always, everything that you do online like you would do in the clinic is totally safe and secure, your privacy and safety is always our top concern while researching and implementing these new and exciting features.


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Top Healing Secrets from 25 Years of Clinical Experience

November 11, 2015 5:53 pm

One of my greatest joys in practice is when I watch someone whose hope is re-ignited when they “get it” about healing. There are Principles or predictable, reproducible things you can do that will improve your overall health. For example, if you do a bicep curl long enough, your muscle will grow stronger. As you eat better foods, your inflammation will go down. When you receive a Chiropractic Adjustment, your Central Nervous System reboots and runs your body more efficiently. These are examples of Principles or “Laws of the Body” that promote healing.

In this series we are going to talk about the Laws of the Physical Body, the Chemical Body and the Mental/Emotional Body. In this installment, we will explore the Laws of the Physical Body.

The Laws of the Physical Body that promote health can be summed up as “Good Health” which comes from Healthy Movement, Poor Health comes from Unhealthy Movement. The most obvious example of this is Trauma. Various slips, fall and impact collisions can cause some obvious and some not so obvious problems. Clearly, the initial stages of trauma cause pain and inflammation. However, less obvious is what the body does if the effects of trauma aren’t corrected. The body will grow scar tissue. This is the best course of action the body will take in order to try and stabilize an injured area. The problem with scar tissue is that it is tighter, stiffer and more painful than normal tissue. This is why it is best to begin correction of an injury with Chiropractic Adjustments as soon as possible. By restoring proper movement we 1) promote circulation and tissue repair 2) increase joint and muscle range of motion and endurance 3) lessen the firing of pain sensitive nerve endings, thereby reducing pain and preventing the brain from entering the neurological loops that lead to chronic pain.

What most people don’t realize about trauma is that there are very different healing times for different tissues. There are RED tissues and WHITE tissues. Red tissue is muscle. It is red because it is full of blood which carries water, oxygen and nutrients; all of which are essential for quick healing. This is why most uncomplicated muscle injuries heal within 4-6 weeks. White tissues however are white because they do not have blood in them. These are tendons, ligaments, discs and cartilage. These tissues therefore require osmosis and lots of time to “soak up” the necessary oxygen, nutrients and water to heal. This is why it can take 6 months to two years to heal some more complicated injuries.

This is why you should want to administer Chiropractic care, good nutrition and healthy movement as quickly as possible. The goal here is to mobilize quick tissue healing response and minimize scar tissue and neurological dysfunction. Research confirms that the sooner and more active we become after injury, the better and quicker we heal.

So healthy movement on a regular basis promotes immunity, boosts fat and sugar metabolism, balances hormones and gives a general sense of well being. Healthy movement in the form of some aerobic exercise along with some resistance training will keep our bodies functioning effectively. Remember, healthy movement is a principal – if you do it, it will help. Chiropractic care definitely promotes healthy movement by keeping our joints and muscles flexible and our Central Nervous System adapting to the stress of life.

Dr. Sterling Armata

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October 19, 2015 4:43 pm

A subluxation in simple terms is a minor misalignment or abnormal movement of a vertebrae which irritates a nerve, which in turn causes the muscles to tights.

Chiropractors correct Spinal Subluxation by an Adjustment, a gentle push on the vertebrae to unlock it. This adjustment helps the bones, muscles and nerves work better to keep you healthy.

Dr. Sterling Armata

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The Biggest Thing I Want You To Know…

October 19, 2015 4:25 pm

The biggest thing I want my patients to know about chiropractic is…

Healing begins as pain relief but can become so much more! In fact, chiropractic started out as a technique to clear the way for your Central Nervous System to organize and heal the body naturally. Over time, because chiropractic is so effective at helping pain, it got though of only for pain relief, but new understandings of the brain now show that when the Central Nervous System is properly helped/distracted, it can boost immunity. It can also lessen stress, improve energy and moods, even enhance overall performance.

Brain based therapies are powerful tools to help you regain your health. Over time they will even bring you to whole new levels of wellness. Our brain is like a super computer that is wired for tremendous things. However stress, trauma and chemical toxins interfere with our circuitry. These weaken our body and mind.

So the biggest thing I would like my patients to get about chiropractic, is that we all have incredible potential in us.

Let chiropractic help you restore that potential so you can live your best life!

Dr. Sterling Armata

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Recipe: Coconut Smoothie

June 25, 2015 4:28 pm

It is the Smoothie time of year. I am very excited about a new product that recently hit the shelves. It is coconut meat that is frozen. We all know the vast health benefits of coconut but carving a coconut from scratch can be daunting… starting with the clever! So now we can add this super food to our smoothies very easily.

  • 1 Cup Coconut Meat
  • Handful of Spinach
  • 1 Mango
  • 2 Cups Fresh Squeezed Almond Milk
  • 1 Tblsp. Maca
  • 1 Tsp. Spirulina
  • Add water to desired texture.

    This smoothie will easily replace any meal or it is also great when travelling in the car to keep you satiated. Enjoy!

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    Easy Home Workout

    June 25, 2015 4:21 pm

    Some days you are not going to make it to your favourite workout but you can have a home workout day instead. Housework can be a great workout. Exaggerate all your movements, go up and down the stairs more often then necessary, squat when lifting items, use both hands and arms when cleaning. Also remember to make sure and get up at least once an hour if you are doing a concentrated task or trying doing it standing! These little things can make a huge impact by even doing them every day, it will become a subconscious task and improve your over all health.

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    Breathing for your Health

    June 25, 2015 10:18 am

    Breathing can be one of the most essential tools for balance that you have. Keeping in touch with your breath can let you know how you are feeling or how you are reacting to your external environment. Staying in touch with your breath will keep you connected to your body and feelings and not just your thoughts. When you first wake up in the morning and good technique is to take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Feel where you may be tense or holding in your body. Breath and send the breath to open up the area. Breathe deep into your belly to connect with a full breath. Now count to five as you inhale and count to five as you exhale. Do this for five minutes to help you get connected to your body. Do this again if you are tense during the day and also at bedtime. It will help you stay connected to yourself.

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    Healthy Suppliments

    June 23, 2015 12:03 pm

    Amino Acids are the building blocks of the body. We get amino acids through food or supplements. Amino acids support fat loss, build muscle, help with retention of muscle mass and enhance exercise performance, supports hair growth, maintains cartilage in joints and supports immunity. Only amino acids are capable of forming and repairing tissues, muscle, hair, skin and organs. Amino acids occur in varying amounts within different foods. Primarily meat, dairy, and seafood offer the best sources because they are protein rich but plants also provide a good source of protein for amino acids. Examples are lentils, soybeans, quinoa, tofu, buckwheat and various vegetables. If we do not have enough HCL in our stomach we will not optimally uptake the full amount of amino acids possible, even if we are eating enough of the proper foods. HCL breaks down the food so the nutrients can be properly absorbed. We can supplement with amino acids but this is best done with support from a nutritionist or doctor.

    For more information or to book an appointment for nutrition, give us a call!

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    “Grain Brain”

    June 23, 2015 11:33 am

    Nutrition is one of the biggest parts of keeping our body in tip-top shape.

    There is a lot of information emerging about the effect of grains on our ability to keep our senses sharp and to ensure cognitive excellence. “Grain brain” can slow down our cognitive processes and make us feel sluggish and dull. Minimizing grains can help to keep us sharp and clear.

    Keep this in mind for the next time you go grocery shopping. Small changes here and there over time can amount to a huge change in our over all health and be a much easier way to fully change our diets for the better.

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